2020 Toyota Corolla Doesn’t Look Like Much Yet In These Spy Photos

Despite criticism for being plain and appliance-like basic, the Toyota Corolla continues to sell in extraordinary volumes, always landing at or near the top of its class in monthly sales. The current generation is hardly distinguishable from the model that came before it, seemingly providing only the bare minimum needed to satisfy compact buyers. It doesn’t move the needle, but it certainly moves metal off dealer lots. With the new 2014 Corolla, which just made its debut in Los Angeles, can Toyota silence its critics while still appeasing the masses?

Even Toyota admits the Corolla doesn’t have the best reputation for style, saying the new car’s exterior and interior styling will “challenge the pre-conceptions about Corolla.” That is no exaggeration, as the 2014 Corolla draws heavily from the aggressive-looking Furia concept, sporting its sleeker lines and sharp, eye-catching details. Toyota dubs the concept’s look “Iconic Dynamism,” and the design language looks like it translated well for the production version. Helping to improve the Corolla’s proportions is a wheelbase stretched by 3.93 inches, with overall length growing by nearly as much. Overall width increases by 0.63 inch, while height is raised by 0.39 inch.

Like the Furia concept, the 2014 Corolla receives short overhangs and a more tapered profile with an elongated, sloping C-pillar that flows into the trunk. This shape helps reduce the Corolla’s drag coefficient to a slippery 0.28, which works with other aerodynamic upgrades including an under-cover below the front bumper to smooth airflow and improve efficiency. The Furia is also seen in the Corolla’s front end, which is highlighted by a slender grille, an Avalon-like reverse-trapezoidal valance opening, and small headlights. Among the biggest surprises in the 2014 Corolla are LED headlights. Normally reserved for much pricier cars, they are standard across the lineup — a first for the C segment. Those headlights feature LED low-beam lamps and LED daytime running lights, and were developed to reduce mass at the corners and lend a unique look to the front end. In back, things are again similar to the Furia, with wide taillights that taper near the center of the trunk, and an optional small decklid spoiler.

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