ASUS ZenFone 5’s Notch Looks A Lot Like The IPhone X’s

When we first started talking about what Apple might have up its sleeve for its next-generation iPhone, whether that’s set to be the iPhone 6s or maybe even iPhone 7, the detail everyone wanted to discuss seemed to be screen size: if Apple would stick with the 4.7-on-up sizing of the iPhone 6, or if we could see a return to form with a new model closer to the dimensions of the iPhone 5s. Recently, however, that idea’s been losing steam, and it’s feeling more likely that we’d see a repeat of 6/Plus sizing. Instead, next-gen rumors have taken to looking at upgrades to specific components, like what we heard last week about OLED displays. Today that trend continues as the latest iPhone 6s gossip considers what Apple might be working on for the phone’s camera, among other things.

Right now there are two interesting camera technologies we’ve been seeing companies show off over on the Android side of the fence: optical zoom, like ASUS did with the ZenFone Zoom at CES, and dual sensors, as Huawei brought to the Honor 6 Plus. To hear these Apple supply chain sources, the iPhone 6s could arrive with both.

Beyond the presence of dual rear cameras (and at least one with optical zoom capabilities), either a physically larger sensor or changes to aperture choice could bring more light to the phone’s camera(s) than ever before.

Another aspect to this rumor concerns tech pulled from the Apple Watch, with claims that the iPhone 6s could pick up a similar force-sensitive touch panel, able to distinguish a glancing tap from a firmer press. Presumably we’d see that used for the same sort of context-sensitive input Apple’s discussed for its smartwatch. In any case, the idea of unifying interactions between phones and wearables makes a lot of sense.

Finally, we hear that Apple could ditch the 16GB storage option in favor of a 32GB minimum. That one, at least, can’t happen soon enough.

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ASUS ZenFone 5’s Notch Looks A Lot Like The IPhone X’s


ASUS ZenFone 5’s Notch Looks A Lot Like The IPhone X’s