CES LIVE: Honda Reveals \'3E\' Robots

The company organizes its robotics concept under the term 3E, representing 'Empower,' 'Experience' and 'Empathy.'

The Experience robot is known as the 3E-C18, which could be mistaken for an advanced beverage cooler.

"The AI-enabled platform can learn by observing how people act and operate autonomously," Honda says of the 3E-C18. "The cart-like platform offers carrying spaces and a canopy combined with a compact-sized vehicle body base, which has a driving function."

The 3E-A18 serves Empathy functions, optimized for supporting people in their daily lives. One potential application is a guide at airports or shopping malls. Honda says its soft-touch skin "invites people to touch or hug" the robot.

The Empower robots include the 3E-D18 (pictured), essentially an electric ATV chassis that can be adapted for various purposes, and the 3E-B18 that can help support people with baggage carts or strollers.

The robots are designed to utilize Honda's Mobile Power Pack World concept. The system uses detachable power modules that can be charged using renewable energy and then placed into a robot or vehicle to provide power on the go.


"We have entered an era when robotics will become increasingly visible and essential in our everyday lives and have the ability to unlock human potential," says Honda R&D chief Yoshiyuki Matsumoto.

The company has not committed to production for any of the concepts, however.

Live image by Ronan Glon.

Source : http://www.leftlanenews.com/honda-3e-robots-range-from-quads-to-scooters-and-99481.html