Honda Develops “Hybrid CVCC”

Honda has developed a new, simple, gasoline-electric hybrid system which “will set a new standard for fuel efficiency and recapture the success of the CVCC engine 40 years ago,” writes Reuters.>

The CVCC engine was a technological breakthrough that allowed Honda to meet U.S. emission standards without a catalytic converter.

“We believe we have reached a point with hybrid technology … where we can provide game-changing technology and products,” Honda CEO Takanobu Ito told Paul Ingrassia and Norihiko Shirouzu of Reuters today in Tokyo.

Not much more is known about the engine, but Reuters says it will power the next generation of its cars and could be introduced in the remodeled Fit subcompact car by late 2013 in Japan. For North America, the new Fit will be built in Mexico and will go on sale in the spring of 2014.

Developing new drivetrains costs money, and the hybrid-premium still slows success.  That can be cured with mass production. For the necessary scale, Honda ” absolutely won’t reject an alliance if we can work together with another company in a way that leads to our customers being more impressed with Honda’s products,” Ito said.

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