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Israel is hosting a plethora of international delegations, trade shows and conferences this month, drawing global leaders in politics, business, academia and technology. According to the Jewish Agency, "November is a very popular time for travel to Israel."

Possibly the largest single group en route to Israel this month comes from Nigeria. That nation's annual Christian
I was impressed by the brilliance and ingenuity of the Israeli biomed community.
pilgrimage to Israel is expected to include about 15,000 Nigerians over the next few months. This week, Senior Deputy Director-General of the Tourism Ministry, Rafi Ben Hur, welcomed the 18 members of the Pilgrimage Committee of the Nigerian Government and a representative from the Nigerian Embassy in Israel. Representatives from the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior, the Israel Police and all the relevant tour operators who are preparing to welcome the pilgrims also took part in the meeting.

Another sort of pilgrimage is already underway this week in Jerusalem. The very first Israeli World Congress for the Advancement of Surgery, which began on November 1, is wrapping up Wednesday at the Jerusalem International Congress Center (ICC). Dr. Scott A. Shikora, who initiated the international conference, wrote to guests of the gathering:

"Two years ago I was graciously invited to speak at a surgical conference in the Holy City, Jerusalem. It was my first trip to Israel. The experience was beyond words and has permanently changed me. First, I was struck by the warmth and willingness of Israeli surgeons to welcome me into their clinical lives and to collaborate on projects and research. I now have many new dear friends I didn’t have before the trip. Secondly, I was impressed by the brilliance and ingenuity of the Israeli biomed community, widely regarded as one of the most vibrant in the world. Furthermore, I was greatly impacted by my travels throughout the country, and of course, Jerusalem itself. This birthplace of three major religions will not disappoint and I can guarantee will stir up all kinds of emotions."

High-level political and trade missions are also either already visiting Israel, or are on their way here, this month.

The Department of Commerce of the (U.S.) State of Wisconsin is organizing a trade mission led by Governor Jim Doyle, slated for November 14-20. Israel, described as "a center for cutting-edge technology and innovation", was selected "to promote Wisconsin's water and environmental technologies, life sciences, agri-business, and other industries." The mission was organized to coincide with the International Water Technologies and Environmental Control Conference and Exhibition (WATEC 2009) in Tel Aviv, where Governor Doyle will deliver remarks.

Another trade mission scheduled to coincide with WATEC is coming from Australia. The Sustainability Trade Mission to Israel, November 15-21, will be led by Phillip Costa, Australia's Minister for Water and Regional Development and South Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr. Ian Chessell. The mission, "specifically designed for CEOs and senior management from business, government and academia, will combine exposure to key Israeli industry figures together with topical high level business meetings designed to expose delegates to innovative business ideas and opportunities," according to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Israel Trade Commission. Delegates will learn about Israeli expertise in "management of water resources; water reuse, desalination and security; agriculture under arid conditions; sustainability; alternative energy; clean technologies to ameliorate climate change; and innovation in agritech products and solutions"; as well as "Israeli government policy success in promoting R&D and commercialisation...."

WATEC 2009 itself is to take place on November 17-19 at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center and will draw business, environmental science and political leaders from around the world. The exhibition is billed as "Israel's prime event for showcasing its technologies and expertise in water and environment technology fields."

A bipartisan group of ten legislators from Minnesota, led by U.S. State Representative Frank Hornstein, will be in Israel November 4-13 on a fact-finding trip, paid for out of their own pockets. According to a news release, the group will "foster stronger Minnesota connections to the region, learn more about Israeli clean and high-tech businesses, explore the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and visit religious and historical landmarks." In that context they will meet with the parents of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held hostage by the Hamas half of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza since 2006, tour the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, visit the Palestinian Authority, and more.

Also visiting both Israel and the Palestinian Authority this week is a delegation representing several British trade unions. The visit is being organized by TUFI, established to strengthen the links between the Israeli Histadrut national trade union, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions and the British Trade Union Movement. The delegates will meet their Israeli and PA colleagues, visit factories, tour the security barrier between the PA and pre-1967 Israel, as well as hold meetings with government officials.

Int'l. Women's Organizations Sponsor Israel Gatherings
Two international delegations to Israel this month are dedicated to women and women's issues.

About 50 women from 30 countries - including government ministers, legislators, civilian activists, senior NGO organizers and leading academics - are slated to attend the 26th Biennial International Women's Leadership Conference at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) on November 8-12. This year's conference is to focus on the impact on women of the global financial crisis.

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is on its Israel Mission, which began November 3 and will last through November 9. The mission, including meetings and discussions with leading women's rights activists in Israel, will focus on women and the public sphere, gender discrimination, and more.

The International Financial and Legal Professionals Conference, sponsored by the American branch of the Emunah women's organization, will take place at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem from November 22-26. It will bring together attorneys, accountants, financial planners and investment advisors for networking and discussions. Topics will include: the top ten tax issues every deal lawyer or accountant should know about; year-end tax and estate planning; charitable giving techniques; foreign passive investment companies and Israeli IPOs; and corporate governance. The delegates will also be invited to tour the Israeli Supreme Court, the Knesset, the Israeli Stock Exchange, the Old City of Jerusalem, and key sites of interest in Tel Aviv.

Other Trade Shows
In addition to WATEC 2009, November will see a series of international trade shows. Among them are:
Possibly the largest single group en route to Israel this month comes from Nigeria.

HOTEX, the 26th international exhibition for equipment, services and technologies for the hospitality industry, in conjunction with KITEX, an international exhibition of institutional kitchens and restaurants equipment. They will be held from November 24-26 in Tel Aviv's Trade Fairs Center.

The 26th International Exhibition for Food and Beverage, "Israfood", and the Annual Food and Beverage Packing Trade Show, "FoodPack", will also be held on the same dates at the Tel Aviv Trade Fairs Center.

Computax, the annnual international exhibition for computer systems, hardware and software, will be held from November 10-12 at the Tel Aviv Trade Fairs Center. Also to be held on these dates at the same location are ISCOM, the biannual exhibition for office and computer technologies, and ISPRINT, an exhibition for the printing and cross-media technology industries.

In addition, Tel Aviv will host the first international summit to discuss the rise in organized and violent crime in cities throughout the world, Safe City 2009. Co-organized by MK International Security Consulting and Israel Gateway, Safe City will bring together security experts, law enforcement officials and political leaders from around the globe. The conference will take place from November 30 through December 6, 2009, in the framework of Israel Gateway's Seventh International Foreign Trade Conference and Exhibition.

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Latest Industry Conferences And Trade Shows News


Latest Industry Conferences And Trade Shows News

Latest Industry Conferences And Trade Shows News


Latest Industry Conferences And Trade Shows News