Niftylift Supports Women In Engineering

They say that the tech sector is a boys’ club; however, we know that's not the case. In a recent study by the National Center for Women and Information Technology showed that women brought specific skills to the table in the tech sector. This would explain why most of the big tech companies have opened their doors to female applicants and give them the opportunity to advance.

Today, we will be going over how women in tech are moving beyond stereotypes, increasing profits, and going through tips for success.

Moving Past Stereotypes

There are stereotypes when it comes to tech, but much of this was created within individuals that had to do with race, gender, ethnicity, and prejudice. Much of this was a historical response for roles between men and women; however, this isn't the case anymore as we are living in the 21st century. When you look back at these individual faults, you have to think that we as a society are disrespecting ourselves to move forward.

However, even looking through this new spectrum we have to identify that there are obstacles within the tech community, the greatest being the community having a disproportionate percentage of men. This can in turn lead to male-dominated stereotypes and gender-role expectations, and may lead to sexual harassment, which needs to be met with extreme measures.

False Narratives & Realities

There is a belief that women leave the tech industry because of balance life/work issues, which has proven to be a false narrative in recent studies. There are studies that are reported repeatedly that state that women are less likely to be fast-tracked over their male counterparts.

However, we see that in a study done by the Center for Talent Innovation that 80% of women in science, engineering and technology loved their careers and wanted to advance, but were held back on the false narratives seen before.

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