PE Company Builds Boats For Africa

“T-Craft, which are up to 9m long, and the Modcats which are generally 12m long with catamaran hulls, are the main types. “The Legacy craft are up to around 19m. “Each of our vessels can be adapted for a number of applications. In fact, our boats fit in perfectly with all the segments as identified by Phakisa,” Tait said, citing aquaculture as one of many applications.

The company also builds landing craft which are in demand in African countries where rivers and lakes are important components of the transport systems – like Lake Malawi. The landing craft allows goods or people to be taken directly off a vessel from its bow.

Gray said: “Our vessels are workhorses and not directed at the leisure sector.

“They are used as dive support boats, salvage support vessels, water ambulances, survey boats and even as research vessels. The firm manufactures an average of 60 vessels a year with a permanent manufacturing staff complement of 39.

According to the company, just 37% of its vessels – which meet US as well as South African Maritime Safety Authority standards, among others – are put into service in South Africa, the rest being exported to other African countries.

The vessels range in price from about R50 000 to tens of millions of rands.

With the company having produced about 800 vessels since 2007, it plans to increase its focus on the domestic market and any opportunities that arise from Operation Phakisa, while growing its market penetration on the rest of the continent.

“The reason we have attracted business from other African countries is because our first and primary focus is on safety,” Tait said.

“Our craft are also of a very high quality, modular in design and exceptionally versatile.”

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PE company builds boats for Africa
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