Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck Of The Year Award


Photography by Jessica Walker, Motor Trend magazine

It's official; the winner of the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year competition is the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. For the second year in a row, the testers at Motor Trend magazine have selected the Ram 1500 to be the best of any all-new or significantly revised trucks (defined as vans or pickup trucks) for the 2014 model year.

Other competitors this year included the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Toyota Tundra, Ford Transit Connect, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram HD and several others. As near as we can tell from the winner's story, the Motor Trend staff still appreciates the Ram 1500 for the same reasons they awarded the truck the Golden Calipers last year, with the single difference being the impressive 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel powertrain that's new for this year. 

Although at times sounding a little defensive about their choice, the test drivers say this new engine is more than just another powertrain choice; it's a new strategy that will change the way half-ton buyers think about their next pickup truck purchase: "This isn't just a new engine — this is, strictly speaking, a different technology for the segment."

In short, Motor Trend is calling this new VM Motori turbo-diesel a game-changer for the segment: "The Ram 1500 makes history as the first back-to-back winner because it offers all the things truck buyers want in a rig: choice, value, great design and more than enough power and torque." 

In a recent interview with Autoblog, Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Ram, noted the EcoDiesel will not arrive at dealerships until March 2014. This is a little odd; in past Motor Trend Truck of the Year competitions, the testers have noted that vehicles must be on sale the first week of January to qualify for the award. As far as we've been told, Ram 1500 EcoDiesels will be starting production in January. Still, this is the first time the MT TOTY award has been won by the same vehicle in back-to-back years. Congrats to Ram Truck. 

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Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck Of The Year Award


Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck Of The Year Award

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck Of The Year Award


Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins 2014 Truck Of The Year Award