Scottish Engineering Head Wants More Women To Join The Industry To Address Gender Gap

Speaking after it emerged that two-thirds of firms report problems in recruiting engineers, Mr Buchan said: "There is still a huge opportunity to draw more from 50 per cent of our population, and it is shameful that in 2017 women represent less than 10 per cent of our professional staff.


"A number of efforts have been made to entice women into careers in engineering and technology and it has been very slow to take off.

“With every effort that has been made so far, we still have a huge imbalance in male to female professional engineers.”

He said he hoped initiatives such as the Primary Engineer programmes might help bring more women into the industry.

The not-for-profit organisation works with schools to encourage young people to consider careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Scottish Engineering head wants more women to join the industry to address gender gap
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