Sen. Schumer Calls For Investigation Into Privacy Policies Of At Home DNA Kits

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for a crackdown on companies that handle at-home DNA testing kits.

He says the popular testing kits could expose users genetic information.

These kits help people learn more about their health, heritage and/or family.

Schumer says he wants the Federal Trade Commission to make sure privacy policies are clear, transparent and fair to consumers.

“But here’s what many consumers don’t realize, that their sensitive information can end up in the hands of unknown their party companies, there are no prohibitions  and many companies say that they can still sell your information to other companies,” Schumer said.

A number of DNA testing companies say they have strict rules about sharing any personal information and don’t provide genetic data without user’s consent or a court order.

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