The 10 Best Food Trucks In NYC

Food truck culture is on the rise. Throughout the US, mobile kitchens are rolling into the streets serving anything from truffle grilled cheese to scratch-made dumplings. With a diverse scope of specialties that range from quick, casual bites to gourmet gastro-fare, the food truck scene is forever changing the way people think about "fast food." The trucks are showing up everywhere — festivals, parks, concerts, bars, and even weddings. Annual competitions and network shows are dedicated to finding the next-best eatery on wheels.


21 Small Towns You Should Visit on Your Next American Road Trip

While it's no surprise foodie powerhouses like NYC and LA top the list, a few smaller markets are majorly shaking up the traditional culinary scene. Read on for 10 American cities with thriving food truck cultures, and get ready for your mouth to water.

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