The 10 Best Food Trucks In NYC

The past year has seen an explosion of Indian restaurants in San Francisco, from fast casual lunch spots to trendy New York City imports. There's now an abundance of street food, tasting menus, gonzo mash-ups like tikka masala burritos, and of course your classic curry houses to fall back on. No matter what style you like, Indian food is definitely having a bit of a renaissance in the Bay Area.

In light of the explosion of excellent options, this map will point you to the best of the best. Here you'll find vegetarian fare, meaty tandoori, whimsical pizzas, massive dosas, and much, much more, whether you want to spend $10 or go all out with a $62 coursed feast.

Read on for the

11 best Indian restaurants in San Francisco and the East Bay . If we missed your favorite spot, please do let us know in the comments.

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