The 50 Most Innovative CMOs In The World

Looking to learn how to pull a successful comeback? Look no further than Samsung. The tech giant battled and recovered from one of the worst branding crises in recent history, after its exploding phones fiasco in 2016. Mathieu not only helped guide Samsung through the challenge, but also flipped the brand's existing marketing playbook on its head while doing so. He used the disaster as an opportunity to change how the electronics giant communicated with consumers, with a new focus on building love and trust.

This came about with initiatives like the loyalist program, as well as the global campaign "Do What You Can’t," in which it enlisted real people to share real stories of how Samsung devices allow users to create, experience and share content. Mathieu also established the "Marketing Center of Excellence," a cross-functional space in the bottom three floors of its New York office to spark creativity and openness within the organization.

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