Top 10 Trucks Of 2017

I spent the better part of several weeks last winter doing a lot of my daily commuting on an electric motorcycle — the Zero DS 6.5 model. A stripped-down version of the standard DS, the 6.5 makes less power and doesn't go as far on a charge. But it also weighs 100 pounds less than its big brother, is about $3,000 cheaper and was motorcycle enough for zipping down Sunset Boulevard and lane-splitting on the 101 Freeway. Though its roughly 80 miles of battery electric range makes it impractical for rides to Wrightwood, the Zero pulled into my garage every night, connected to a standard 120-volt wall plug and was juiced and ready to go by the next morning. Research shows that by saving on fuel and reducing maintenance expenses to nearly nothing, a Zero costs substantially less to own than a gas-powered equivalent bike.

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