Uber Is Rolling Out Driverless Cars In Pittsburgh. Each One Has Two Drivers.

The more important news of the day might be that Uber has also purchased self-driving truck start-up Otto, whose co-founder Anthony Levandowski will take control of Uber’s driverless operation. Kalanick describes him as a “brother from another mother,” and told Chafkin the acquisition was born on a series of late-night walks the two men took through San Francisco. The acquisition adds a number of high-profile Silicon Valley engineers to Uber’s driverless team—and increases the chances that someday in the future you might get into a driverless taxi in Pittsburgh that doesn’t have a driver inside.

Source : http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2016/08/18/uber_driverless_cars_in_pittsburgh_actually_have_drivers.html

Uber Is Rolling Out Driverless Cars in Pittsburgh. Each One Has Two Drivers.
Uber rolling out self-driving cars in Pittsburgh
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